(Depending on the time of year - see Best Months For Fishing page)

Yellowtail Kingfish/ Bonito

When targeting Yellowtail Kingfish and Bonito, your skipper will initially hunt out patches of live bait either close to shore or at a few select spots at Montague Island. Anglers will now get their first taste of fishing using either Sabiki fly rigs on a rod and reel, or handlines to catch yakkas (yellowtail) or Slimey Mackerel. One of our specialities is live baiting for Yellowtail Kingfish . Pound for pound Kingfish have to be one of the greatest fighting fish in the ocean (they taste great too)

The novice angler will find our experienced skipper giving plenty of tuition while catching live bait - a great chance to become familiar with the procedure before having to do battle with kingies.

These live bait are held in the live bait tank with a constantly replenishing supply of seawater so that they remain as lively as possible to attract the true bounty, Kingfish and Bonito. It is then onto the target areas where a combination of trolling, live bait, cut bait, and jigs may be used depending on weather and sea conditions, tide, currents, fish feeding patterns and any other influencing factors indicated on recent fishing expeditions.

It's not just a matter of catching fish - all our kingfish are handled to ensure either quick return to the water, or prepared and iced to guarantee the best and freshest for your feast. Kingfish and Bonito are bled and placed into an ice slurry.

Snapper/ Bottom fishing

If you prefer to target snapper, mowong, flathead, etc., we have trips available for you to join as part of a shared group charter or make up you own group for the sole charter option. Pilchards, squid and mackerel are the most common bait used. Depending on the conditions we will either anchor or drift baits down to these prize table fish.

Fishin​g Ethics

We ensure that all fish are handled to ensure undersize and unwanted fish are returned to the water as quickly as possible and with minimum harm being caused to the fish.

If an area contains a large number of undersize fish, we will move location and seek larger fish.

We recommend that anglers only take fish which will be eaten.

We discourage the use of 'minimum' line class fishing, we believe this causes greater mortality to fish which are returned to the water.

We don't use stainless steel hooks under size 10/0. All hooks less than 10/0 are standard steel which will rust away quickly if fish break line and escape - and live.